Overcome depression, anxiety,

fear or limiting beliefs that hold you back


Steven Jackson: BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Therapies, Dip Counselling, PG Dip CBT

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Insight & positivity

Talk in a safe space and without judgement and feel lighter, more calm, more peaceful. Share your feelings with someone who’s been through mental health problems and understands how it feels from within. Healing can begin whenever you can.

Tools & practices
Make sense of difficult situations, thoughts and beliefs. Be listened to and benefit from a warm ear and a rich set of helpful tools. CBT, counselling, guided meditations.

Genuine & warm
Ask about something that’s causing you concern. It can start with a simple email or a Zoom call. Reach out and begin a process. Know yourself more closely and discover a lighter, brighter side to your life. It’s truly liberating work.

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White Sand and Stone

‘There's a tangible moment in a healing conversation where the energy becomes lighter, more peaceful and more calm. It’s potent, it's beautiful and it’s liberating.

This is why we do it.’

Steven Jackson