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‘Meaning is not simply how we make sense of a thought. It’s about how we feel. When we get that felt sense of healing, the whole energy around it - and the world - can change.’ Steven Jackson 

A warm ear and a light approach


I listen to you and I respond with compassion, warmth, consistency. Conversations that flow naturally. I am genuine and honest and if there’s a way to bring a lightness into our time, I’ll often find a way. I hope to help you find insight, acceptance and a way to feel better about yourself or a situation. 


‘A true healing comes from within. And for that reason, it can never leave you. Supporting people to find that for themselves is something I find deeply rewarding.’



Believer in the power of Self


After some deep and profound experiences, I set out to understand their meaning. It took me within. What began was a regular practice of meditation which has lasted over twenty years and led me to be ordained as a Zen monk. I feel that has given me an intimate understanding of how to be at ease with myself, which is something I love to help others with if needed. 


‘I am a lover of life and its deep mystery, and I enjoy nothing more than to ponder the beauty of it. This is the work I love, and this is the work I love to share.’



Richly qualified, experienced and adaptable


After qualifying as a counsellor in 2008, I began my career by supporting people through bereavement. I saw great benefit in the work, so I went on to study an honors and master’s degree in Psychology & Therapies at Salford University and then a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This led me into the NHS where I worked full-time treating clients with CBT. I also used this time for further valuable study into Evidence-Based Psychological Treatments for anxiety and depression.

Approaching therapy as a collaboration


A Zen master once said, ‘You suffer because you don’t want to accept what has to be accepted’. Directness is typical of the Zen tradition and it seems abrupt. But when we look at the meaning, it’s often not easy to see what we don’t accept and why. The art of therapy is to work together to make the unconscious conscious, and to stop any hidden negative influence over our lives. 

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After studying as a counsellor, I began supporting the bereaved and went on to study a BSc and an MSc in Psychology & Therapies. At the NHS, I helped clients with CBT and furthered my study into Evidence-Based Psychological Treatments for anxiety and depression.


Formal Counselling, Psychology, Therapy and CBT Qualifications


Diploma in Counselling 


BSc (Hons) Psychology


MSc Psychological Therapies


Postgraduate Certificate in Evidence-based Treatments


Post graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Member of the British Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapies



‘Many people I speak to don’t want to be fixed. They want to feel heard and understood. And they do so, often for the very first time, in therapy.’

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